/ˌɑːbə ˈvʌɪtiː,ˌɑːbə ˈviːtʌɪ/

From Latin arbor (tree) +‎ vitae (of life).

Renting the first “own 4 walls”, or looking out for new investment opportunities: Like a tree growing constantly, real estate needs change over time and accompanies us during our whole life.

Arbor vitae – real estate, we do things differently. What it boils down to, we believe that buying, renting and selling real estate is not only one of the biggest and often most important financial decisions of most people’s lives, it can also be an emotional one. At the heart of everything we do is the understanding that when you trust us with your real estate needs, we accept a tremendous amount of responsibility; and thats something we don’t take lightly.

The bigger the better ? Not always!

We believe that your property can’t be evaluated with 5 simple questions from an online tool.

We believe in small but passionate and pro-active teams instead of large anonymous companies.

We don’t take anything for granted – and we appreciate that staying the best at anything is difficult. That’s why we only work with a small team of passionate and pro-active professionals – a team that shares a vision for success and understands that the real estate market is a question of trust and professionalism rather than a fast money maker.

We’re looking forward to meet you.