The real estate whisperer:

Do you know a lot of people? Do you want to help others while making some extra money?

Why not become our real estate whisperer? So, what is a real estate whisperer exactly?

In short: If you know somebody who’s about to rent or sell an apartment or house, your only task is it to get them in contact with us.

WIN / WIN / WIN – for you / for the owner / for us

Our procedure is the following:

You know somebody (a friend, a colleague or a relative) who wants to sell their real estate object and is looking for a trustworthy partner.

With their consent, let us know via email, phone, the contact form or a visit at our office in Lintgen.

With your tip we’ll contact the owner and hopefully we’ll set up a business connection with your contact.

Then our main work starts: we’ll search and find the best buyer (tenant) for the object based on the demands of your contact. So, you’re not only helping us find a customer, but also your friend, colleague or relative to get the optimal deal or a trustworthy tenant for their object.

So, what’s the advantage for you?

After the completion of the deal (the object is sold or rented) with your contact, you participate in our commission!  (certainly, with a written and official agreement) It means that you will be able to earn up to 15% of the commission fee.


Official sales price of the object : 800.000€

Your bonus: 3.600€*



Rules, general information and ethical framework for our real estate whisperers:

First and most important of all: Please keep it friendly and professional. We know that the real estate market is sometimes a rough and morally questionable one, but we don’t want to participate in this. Our goal is to offer our customers the best service possible. And by doing so we want you to participate.

  • Usually, it makes little sense to approach people who are not sure if they want to rent or sell their property. The ideal contact has a clear idea to sell/rent and is looking for a trustworthy partner to help them sell or rent their object.
  • Your bonus is 15% of our commission fee for sold objects and 10% for rented objects**
  • We respect contracts and agreements. So if somebody has already an exclusive contract with another agency, please be thoughtful and don’t try to persuade your contact.
  • We are a serious and respectful real estate company and therefore abstain from doing unwanted calls or contact people without their consent.
  • It’s a WIN/WIN/WIN situation, so you’re encouraged to talk openly about your bonus.
  • We value discretion and privacy, so please be sure that you asked for permission to give us the contact details of your friend/colleague/relative.

More questions?

Our good reputation means a lot to us. In case you have more questions, we encourage you to contact us via phone, email or in our office while having a cup of coffee.



*presumption: 3% commission fee

** as of 01/2020